From the back of the Sac

Everyone wants to start a brewery, right?  Why the hell not?!?  Genius spawns from spontaneity and so it began in a paint bucket and two home brew kits.  Three neighbors started down the path of brewing. 

Then, one night in between samples of our beers and sips (HA, sips!) of fireball in the back of the sac of Eden Gardens, Original Sin Brewing saw its Genesis.

But really, you don't need a reason to brew....

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Original Sin

The Original Sin, the forbidden fruit, tempting, new, tasty,  As stewards of this project we invite you to share or wares but you don't have to worry about being cast out of this Eden Garden brewery never to return.... well unless you do something really stupid....

Local, Tasty sins of the grain

WTF is this?

  • Genesis Belgique

Eden Gardens * Solana Beach * California